EU and Germany's experience with ETS benchmarking Korea Environment Institute (KEI) / DIW Berlin / Climate Strategies (CS) Workshop » Experience with Emission Benchmarks-Options for International Coordination «

Felix Seoul
2015 unpublished
Regulates ~11,000 installations and aviation activities (45% of GHG-E) in 28 EU states & 3 EFTA states (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) • Increasing level of coordination  Pilot phase: cap-setting and allocation essentially left to the Member States (National Allocation Plan -NAP 1)  1 st phase: stronger coordination of cap-setting, less stronger coordination of allocation by the European Commission  2 nd phase: transition to European provisions on cap-setting (linear reduction factor) and
more » ... ction factor) and allocation (auctioning for the power sector /w some exception for Eastern Europe, free allocation based on European benchmarking, European provisions on carbon leakage)  3 rd phase: structural reform on cap-setting (tightened linear reduction factor, Market Stability Reserve) and allocation (system-wide adjustments for free allocation etc.) The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme At a glance (1) EU ETS: Benchmarking approach Challenges for construction of benchmark curves