Recombinant metalloprotease as a perspective enzyme for meat tenderization

Mikhail Minaev, Anzhelika Aleksandrovna Makhova
2019 Potravinarstvo  
Peptidase family M9 (MEROPS database) is true collagenases and contains bacterial collagenases from Vibrio and Clostridium. One of the producers of M9A subfamily peptidase is Aeromonas salmonicida (locus - ASA_3723). The aim of the study was production of recombinant metallopeptidase Aeromonas salmonicida by transformation Pichia pastoris for further meat tenderization. Laboratory amounts of recombinant peptidase were obtained and test evaluation of enzyme activity was performed. Recombinant
more » ... med. Recombinant peptidase broke the peptide bond «Pro-Leu-Gly-Met-Trp-Ser-Arg» (one of the collagen chains, (Mw = 846.06)). The concentration of the substrate (peptide) after 180 min was 2 – fold decrease as compared with control. The maximum shear force of heat-treated samples had a 1.27 – fold decrease as compared with the control. As a result of histological studies of beef shank samples, the specific effect of the supernatant on the structure of connective tissue was established. Muscle fibers have not changed. The recombinant enzyme could be used for the meat tenderization.
doi:10.5219/1087 fatcat:5yaqcilaerhhvde2phvndq5gm4