The Dynamics of Graphics in Ibibio Traditional Art

Akaninyene John Sampson
2018 International Journal of Art and Art History  
From a modernist perspective, it may be difficult to ascribe graphics to any form of traditional African art. This could be due to the embrace of western values by Africans, and of modernity on the one hand, and the overwhelming negative influence of westernization on the diverse African cultural practices, on the other hand. However, many elements of the traditional art forms are imbued with icons and symbols which expressions may be viewed as graphical in nature. This paper looks into the
more » ... looks into the dynamics of graphics in the art of the traditional Ibibio society of Nigeria and attempts to appraise form and content. It is aimed at investigating the various symbolic applications in Ibibio traditional art forms and to establish the degree of graphics inter face with these art forms. The paper expounds the term graphics, identifies, and relates it to, salient properties of graphics in the art products of the traditional Ibibio society. It also examines the manner in which societal norms and social institutions are fundamental to the art forms proportionate to the communicative indices. The methodology for this study includes in situ study, formalism, iconographic studies and library research. The paper concludes that graphics is a crucial index in the arts of the traditional Ibibio society of Nigeria and, indeed, Africa.
doi:10.15640/ijaah.v6n2a2 fatcat:qm7jhtlmazbrnkcfgy7fxh5sli