Immune adjuvant activity of the olive, soybean and corn oils

Ana Claudia Marinho da Silva, Erika Freitas-Mota, José Lúcio Guerra, Deijanira Albuquerque, Maria Erivalda Aragão, Diana Célia Sousa Nunes-Pinheiro, Maria da Guia Silva-Lima, Dirce Fernandes-Melo
2016 VacciMonitor  
In the last half of the century, a large amount of substances has been used as immune adjuvant. The immune adjuvant effect of olive, soybean and corn oils in Swiss mice immunized with ovalbumin (OVA) plus aluminum hydroxide or emulsified in Marcol, soybean, olive or corn oils was evaluated through the OVA-specific antibodies determined by ELISA and Passive Cutaneous Anaphylaxis. In this work the comparison of the intensity of the immune response was established by the Bayesian analysis. The
more » ... n analysis. The adjuvant effect of the vegetable oils was shown to be more effective than aluminium hydroxide. Regarding to OVA-specific IgE synthesis, olive oil had the slowest adjuvant effect of the three vegetable oils. Accordingly, olive oil was the most convenient among the vegetable oils to be used as immune adjuvant, since it stimulated a higher production of OVA-specific Ig and lower levels of anti-OVA IgE.
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