The knowledge of zoonotic diseases in swine producers, veterinarians and swine industry allied personnel in Ontario, Canada

D. Marvin, C. Dewey, Andrijana Rajic, A. Deckert, Z. Poljak, K. Richardson
2007 International Conference on the Epidemiology and Control of Biological, Chemical and Physical Hazards in Pigs and Pork   unpublished
v1ore than 70% of swine marketed in Canada come from the Canadian Quality Assurance CQA®) program , established in 1998 with the main purpose of demonstrating the mplementation of on-farm good production practices (GPP). To employ effective farmeve! control measures that prevent and control the transmission of pig/pork related ~oonotic diseases it is important that producers, veterinarians and swine allied personnel 3re knowledgeable about these diseases. A mail questionnaire was distributed to
more » ... was distributed to selection )f 409 individuals representing this target group, with the main purpose to determine the elieved that Campylobacter, Strep. Suis, T. gondii, Erysipelas, SIV, Salmonella, Trichinella , and Y. enterocolitica can spread between pork and people. On average , within 911 four groups of respondents Salmonella (71%) was the disease agent they were the ost concerned regarding spread from pigs/through pork to humans. Most of the respondents believed that the government should pay for testing pigs/pork for Salmonella . More Ontario swine veterinarians and allied personnel believed that antibiotic resistance is a problem compared to producers . On average , random producers, sentinel producers , industry professionals and veterinarians preferred to receive information on new diseases, control measures for diseases and/or results of research projects via a producer magazine. Our preliminary findings indicate that producers, allied professional and veterinarians are not sufficiently aware of all zoonotic diseases. An effective implementation of OFFS programs might require the development of effective education and communication strategies dealing with the risks associated with zoonotic diseases.
doi:10.31274/safepork-180809-127 fatcat:xsyyxx4ho5en5cnorrhhmct4oe