La cooperazione di consumo nel Monfalconese nella seconda metà del Novecento. Dalla Cooperativa Consumo Lavoratori del Monfalconese alla Coop Consumatori Nordest

Enrico Bullian
2014 Diacronie. Studi di Storia Contemporanea  
The study on the evolution of the consumer co-operation in the area around Monfalcone in the post-WWII period draws a picture never retraced before by historiography, at least locally. Subject of the analysis is, on the one hand, the growth of business organizations – from the early Cooperativa Consumo Lavoratori del Monfalconese (1945), through the Coop Consumatori Friuli (1985) and up to the Coop Consumatori Nordest (1945); on the other hand, the transition from the small town shops to the
more » ... own shops to the first Discount Store in Monfalcone in the 70s up to the following substitution with the updated Supercoop. Specifically, the foundation of one of the first nationwide Discount Stores was – for the Monfalcone area and the consumer co-operation – a pilot experience achieved through the relationship with the local authorities, the political organizations and the trade unions of that time.
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