Chinese Cultural Resources in Building a Harmonious World TA Review of Exploratory Contributions by Chinese Senior Scholars

Zliignng Zhang
in consideration oi the importance and urgency or interrehgious dialogues, the arademie world over the past decades has been pulLing an inereatslitg focus on eastern and western lr:l(liLinn.s nI rel.ig,lous eulture, so as to explore l:|.lfl|.0l'l0fl.l entperlenoes and intellectual resources helpful for promoting interreligious dialogue, to resolve oonaiots between civilimtions, and to huild a harmonious world. ihis essay uwers the relevant theoretinal explor:ll.inns made by the older generation
more » ... he older generation oi leading chinese sehnl_ an and is roughly divided into three parts.. a new underslanding of the characteristics oi the history of chinese religious cul-line; 2. a hriei summary or the fine LmdiL'lnns oi Chinese religious nullnre; 3. the inlelleoluztl resouroes provided by the chinese cultural tradition in promoting interreligious dialogue, resolving conflicts between civilizations, and huilding a harmonious world.