Thoracolumbar Disk Protrusion with Severe Cord Compression in the Dog III. Treatment by Decompressive Laminectomy

B. Funkquist
1962 Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica  
Part I of this paper was a study of the rate of development of the symptoms of motor loss in thoraco-lumbar disk protrusion with ' severe compression of the ' spinal cord. Part II dealt with the prognosis in conservative treatment of the same disease. These two investigations showed that the symptoms caused by spinal cord compression, in most cases developed slowly enough such that chance's for a surgical decompression were possible before the damage to the spinal cord was irreversible. In
more » ... reversible. In addition, the results in conventional conservative treatment seemed to indicate trials with a more active therapy. The studies: to be described in this paper were undertaken to test the therapeutic value of decompressive laminectomy in disk protrusions with severe symptoms of cord compression. The main purpose of the investigation was to study the effect of laminectomy as such; removal of disk masses which had not been exposed directly by the laminectomy was performed only in a very limited number of cases. Attempts were made to make the operation so radical that the increase of pressure which was caused by secondary changes in the epidural space and/or in the spinal cord could also be eliminated. Because of this the laminectomy was frequently of a considerable extension. The laminectomies were performed according to two different methods which will be described ' as A and B. Because of circum-
doi:10.1186/bf03547148 fatcat:sh2hcnqntjc5xhwmxw3tdzrjia