Development of an experimental data base and theories for prediction of thermodynamic properties of aqueous electrolytes and nonelectrolytes of geochemical significance at supercritical temperatures and pressures. Annual performance report [report]

R.H. Wood, L. Hnedkovsky, Ching Lung Lin, E.L. Shock
1992 unpublished
_i St .Louis, MO 63130 B(OH)3 Mon, Feb 3, 19g2 11:49 PM t/°C P/MPa &d, 0.2m V-phi, 0.2m &d, 0.5m V_phl, 0.5m &d, 0.75m V-phi, 0.75m NH3 Mort, Fe,b 3, 1992 11:58 PM t /°C P/MPa molal,ity Ad' V.,phf
doi:10.2172/10182216 fatcat:u6b72z3r5vgtlpfq4xbsoo46zm