Microbial Nanocellulose Printed Circuit Boards for Medical Sensing

Jonathan D. Yuen, Lisa C. Shriver-Lake, Scott A. Walper, Daniel Zabetakis, Joyce C. Breger, David A. Stenger
2020 Sensors  
We demonstrate the viability of using ultra-thin sheets of microbially grown nanocellulose to build functional medical sensors. Microbially grown nanocellulose is an interesting alternative to plastics, as it is hydrophilic, biocompatible, porous, and hydrogen bonding, thereby allowing the potential development of new application routes. Exploiting the distinguishing properties of this material enables us to develop solution-based processes to create nanocellulose printed circuit boards,
more » ... cuit boards, allowing a variety of electronics to be mounted onto our nanocellulose. As proofs of concept, we have demonstrated applications in medical sensing such as heart rate monitoring and temperature sensing—potential applications fitting the wide-ranging paradigm of a future where the Internet of Things is dominant.
doi:10.3390/s20072047 pmid:32268471 fatcat:4otidehtunf3zeeawlwdfeyew4