Electrodeposition of Functional Coatings on Bipolar Plates for Fuel Cell Applications – A Review [chapter]

Peter Odetola, Patricia Popoola, Olawale Popoola, David Delport
2016 Electrodeposition of Composite Materials  
The issue of corrosion and degradation has been evaluated as one of the major sources of concern in the history and trend of materials development and their applications in engineering. Design, process, and production consideration of materials hinge on the motive of built-to-last technology in their lifetime applications. The "World Corrosion Organization" has calculated that the direct cost of corrosion worldwide is over 3% of global gross domestic product (GDP)-approximately US $2.2
more » ... every year. Natural materials tend to return to their original stable states after being conformed through processes into engineering applications. In order to conserve materials' integrity, usability, safety, and performance, the materials have to be subjected to processes that will keep them in its optimal functionalities. The finishing phase of most materials for engineering applications is usually done with protective barrier in the form of coating, paint, or furnishes to conserve the materials' integrity and inhibit its susceptibility to interact with the environment. Complete overhauling of a whole corrosion-invaded device is capital intensive. Corrective maintenance through repair work on damaged parts is not economically viable. To minimize or avoid these costs, adoption of functional composite coatings using electrodeposition can be effective. Bipolar plate of fuel cell is a key performance component with corrosion challenge. This chapter will focus on electrodeposition as one of the corrosion inhibition techniques on bipolar plate of fuel cell [1, 2] . Through electrodeposition, bipolar plate can be protected with appropriate functional coatings to enhance surface quality and impart good surface properties that will prolong lifespan application in fuel cell vehicles.
doi:10.5772/62169 fatcat:rjmgoyldbvgsxozggzxskqmdyi