Chemical Deicer Poisoning was Suspected as a Cause of the 2005-2006 Wintertime Mortality of Small Wild Birds in Hokkaido

Tomohisa TANAKA, Ginpei TANOUE, Masahiro YAMASAKI, Ikuo TAKASHIMA, Yoshihiro SAKODA, Kenji OCHIAI, Takashi UMEMURA
2008 Journal of Veterinary Medical Science  
Many small wild birds died in the 2005-2006 wintertime in Hokkaido. Thirteen birds were pathologically examined and it was attempted to detect West Nile and influenza viruses from their organs. Consecutive pathological changes were fresh hemorrhage and acute circulatory failure. Viral detections were negative. Selective occurrence in wintertime, literature review and the results of pathological and virological examinations suggested chemical deicer poisoning as the cause of wild bird death.
more » ... ks treated orally with deicer showed acute death and their pathological changes were similar to those of the wild birds. Because the chicks showed significant elevation of plasma Na concentration, plasma electrolyte analysis of the affected wild birds might be crucial to confirm our tentative diagnosis. KEY WORDS: chemical deicer poisoning, small wild birds, tree sparrows.
doi:10.1292/jvms.70.607 pmid:18628602 fatcat:cu4rj3k3c5aj3n63efbcnyehhu