The efficacy of eprinomectin extended-release injection against Hypoderma spp. (Diptera: Oestridae) in cattle

S. Rehbein, J.E. Holste, L.L. Smith, J.L. Lloyd
2013 Veterinary parasitology  
The efficacy of eprinomectin in an extended-release injection (ERI) formulation was determined in cattle harboring naturally acquired infestations of first-or second-and third-stage larvae of Hypoderma spp. in three studies conducted according to the same protocol in the USA (two studies) and Germany (one study). Thirty cattle sourced from herds with a history of Hypoderma infestation were included in each study. Cattle were formed into replicates of three animals each on the basis of
more » ... basis of pre-treatment anti-Hypoderma antibody titers. Within replicates each animal was randomly allocated to one of the following treatments: ERI vehicle (control) at 1 mL/50 kg bodyweight, administered once on Day 0; Eprinomectin 5% ERI at 1 mL/50 kg bodyweight (1.0 mg eprinomectin/kg), administered once on Day 0 (when larvae were expected to be first instars); or Eprinomectin 5% ERI at 1 mL/50 kg bodyweight (1.0 mg eprinomectin/kg), administered once when larvae were second or third instars (study dependent, Day 73, 119, or 140). Treatments were administered by subcutaneous injection in front of the shoulder. In all studies, emerging and/or expressed Hypoderma larvae were recovered, speciated, and counted and viability was determined. Eprinomectin LAI treatment was 100% (p < 0.05) efficacious against first-and second-or third-stage larvae of Hypoderma bovis (two studies) and Hypoderma lineatum (one study). All animals accepted the treatment well. No adverse reaction to treatments was observed in any animal in any study.
doi:10.1016/j.vetpar.2012.11.042 pmid:23273587 fatcat:vkry2e4yqvfxzbx3yuno64fupi