Editors: Kamal Lodaya, Meena Mahajan

Ahmet Kara, Thomas Schwentick, Thomas Zeume, Ahmet Kara, Thomas Schwentick, Thomas Zeume
IARCS Int'l Conference on Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science (FSTTCS 2010)   unpublished
The paper proposes and studies temporal logics for attributed words, that is, data words with a (finite) set of (attribute,value)-pairs at each position. It considers a basic logic which is a semantical fragment of the logic LTL ↓ 1 of Demri and Lazic with operators for navigation into the future and the past. By reduction to the emptiness problem for data automata it is shown that this basic logic is decidable. Whereas the basic logic only allows navigation to positions where a fixed data
more » ... occurs, extensions are studied that also allow navigation to positions with different data values. Besides some undecidable results it is shown that the extension by a certain UNTIL-operator with an inequality target condition remains decidable.