The Visitation of the Province of Canterbury in 1559. C. G. Bayne

1914 The American Journal of Theology  
on "The Church and the Future of Humanity," stand out notably in the reading as they did in the hearing. Most valuable and encouraging of all, however, are the reports on what has actually been accomplished thus far in promoting co-operation among the different Christian forces. The reports of the committees on home and foreign missions both show how rapidly the churches are learning to work together as they advance their lines at home and abroad, and how strong is the reflex influence of this
more » ... influence of this missionary co-operation on the attitude of the churches themselves toward unity. Perhaps the most notable part of the entire volume is the report of the Commission on the Church and Social Service, not only in its substantial statement of actual progress, but in its brave direction of attention to the next steps in Christianizing the social order, and in its inspiring statement of our Christian purpose and duty to make "the kingdoms of this world--the kingdom of our Lord." LE Roy, EDOUARD. The New Philosophy of Henri Bergson. Translated from the French by Vincent Benson. New York: Henry Holt & Co., 1913. X+235 pages. $1. 25. The author of this interpretation of Bergson's philosophy has a reputation for original philosophical work of his own, but is a great admirer of Bergson. The nucleus of this discussion appeared in the Revue des deux mondes in February, 1913. M. Le Roy has chosen to set forth the new philosophy under two main heads, "Method " and "Teaching," following the main discussion by eight chapters on special points. It is questionable whether one who had not already read Bergson himself would follow intelligently the rather discursive treatment. The author is so thoroughly familiar himself with Bergson's works that he fails to realize the need of giving an objectively systematic and elementary account of the content of the philosophy which he is discussing. His comments on the matter really presuppose too much to make them valuable to the novice. On the other hand, since he professedly attempts merely an exposition and not a critique, his work is of comparatively slight value to those who are philosophically initiated. Apart from its pedagogical defect, the book is an interesting presentation of the main phases of Bergson's thought. PERIODICAL LITERATURE "The Visitation of the Province of Canterbury in I559" (C. G. Bayne in English Historical Review, XXVIII [October, 1913], 636). This article is a record of the proceedings of the commissioners who carried out the royal visitation in the province of Canterbury in I559, which was the first step toward giving practical effect to the "Alteration of Religion" enacted by the Parliament of that year. It treats of the personnel of the commission, recording their progress through the southwestern, southeastern, midland, western, and eastern circuits of the province. It gives a detailed account of their dealings with the various cathedral chapters and church wardens of the province and is interesting in showing in many instances the actual transformation of churches from Romanism to the This content downloaded from on September 15, 2016 12:42:57 PM All use subject to University of Chicago Press Terms and Conditions (
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