The geometry change of carbon nanofilaments by SF6incorporation in a thermal chemical vapor deposition system

Sung-Hoon Kim
2011 Journal of the Korean Crystal Growth and Crystal Technology  
Carbon nanofilaments (CNFs) could be synthesized on nickel catalyst layer-deposited silicon oxide substrate using C 2 H 2 and H 2 as source gases under thermal chemical vapor deposition system. By the incorporation of SF 6 as a cyclic modulation manner, the geometries of carbon coils-related materials, such as nano-sized coil and wave-like nanosized coil could be observed on the substrate. The characteristics (formation density and morphology) of as-grown CNFs with or without SF 6 incorporation
more » ... were investigated. Diameter size reduction for the individual CNFs-related shape and the enhancement of the formation density of CNFs-related material could be achieved by the incorporation of SF 6 as a cyclic modulation manner. The cause for these results was discussed in association with the slightly increased etching ability by SF 6 addition and the sulfur role in SF 6 for the geometry change.
doi:10.6111/jkcgct.2011.21.3.119 fatcat:cqv3sh4kfjgshfyh5wulvh657y