Investigating the adverse consequences of armed conflict on the socio-economic status of women

Mohammad Khalid Habibi
2021 Volume-1: Issue-1 (November, 2018)  
Conflict is an open clash between two opposing individuals, groups, organizations, ethnics and states. In conflict times, the violence against women assumes the form of savagery, soldiers, militias, or gunmen from both sides ravage women and rape them and the law comes to a standstill and there is no punishment for crime. But the important question is why women are violated and harassed during conflict time? It is estimated that millions of people around the world have lost their lives in
more » ... heir lives in various wars over the past century. Although men and women go through similar experiences and traumas in the midst of these conflicts, the type of death is often different. In times of war, all men and women are forced to leave their homes and livelihoods, are injured or lose their lives and find it difficult to make a living during, and even after the conflict. But during regional wars, the fate of women is often disproportionately affected by the conflict between the groups involved, and the experience of women and children in these periods is fundamentally different from that of men.
doi:10.36099/ajahss.3.1.1 fatcat:dl7gkfjfpnb4tc2hd6z537kvtu