1912 The Lancet  
189 the present price of petrol, is an important point, and the average was just under 30 miles to the gallon. The engine is cast en bloc with a bore of 68 mm. and a stroke of 120 mm. This reduction in bore and increase in stroke has, of course, the object of evading the higher tax, and at the same time to provide the needful capacity to give sufficient power. The petrol tank is mounted in front of the dashboard,covered by the scuttle, and with giavity-fed petrol this seems an advantage over
more » ... old position under the driver's seat, as the spirit has always sufficient pressure to lift the needle valve in the float chamber, which, with the former situation, was, at any rate on hills, not always the case. Ignition is by a Bosch high tension magneto with fixed firing, and cooling by a gilled tube radiator with fan-and geardriven centrifugal pump. The clutch is of the leatherfaced cone type, and I noticed that the driven member was sufficiently light to come to iest without delay, which is an important point in avoiding wear on the gears and in permitting easy changing. Three speeds forward and a reverse, all controlled by one lever in a gate quadrant, are provided, and the final transmission is by bevel drive. The
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