Clinical and Pathological Study on Laryngeal Polyps

Shigenobu IWATA, Yukihiro MIMURA, Kosei IWAMI, Toshio ESAKI, Yoshikuni BANDO
1975 Jibi to Rinsho  
The 167 patients with laryngeal polyps (90 males and 77 females) were investigated clinically and histopathologically to elucidate its pathology and developmental process. They were classified into three groups: 125 cases with the vocal polyps, 29 cases with the vocal nodules, and 13 cases with the polypoid degeneration of the vocal cords. In this disease, male subjects were more frequent than those of females and most frequent ages were ranged from 30 to 40 years old. The vocal polyp was
more » ... ntly observed of the anterior one-third portion of the membranous vocal cord. Main pathologic findings of the vocal polyps were observed the fibrous, edematous, and hemorrhagic changes. Through the all tissues, the most noticeable findings were the vasucular changes such as small vascular dilution, hemorrhage, edema, and thrombus which may suggest of degenerative changes of the menbranous vocal cords. From this study, etiology of the laryngeal polyps may be mainly considered the vascular changes due to less blood supply in the vocal cords caused by the inf lammation but also by the vocal vibrations of excessive use of voices.
doi:10.11334/jibi1954.21.4_704 fatcat:cctuub5mivg6vpf3bodcm7dbru