1896 The Lancet  
262 . employment of steam under pressure "necessitates the services of 'skilled engineers," but "that the use of high pressure steam involved a certain amount of engineering knowledge and skill." Surely this is not overstating the case where the use of a safety valve and the control of a pressure gauge are involved.-ED. L. A HEAVY FŒTUS. To the Editors of THE LANCET. Sms,-A foetus exceeding in weight even that recorded by Dr. Bennett in THE LANCET of Jan. llth was observed by me while I
more » ... in the maternity department of the Berlin Charite in 1891. It measured 55 centimetres (nearly 21 in.) in length and weighed about 7 kilogrammes (15 Ib.). The mother was considered to be at the full term of pregnancy about six weeks before her actual delivery, and the diagnosis of twins had been made by all the physicians who had seen the case. It was the fifteenth child of a strongly-built woman a little over the average height. The labour proceeded rapidly and without any complication, and within three hours from the first appearance of the pains the child was born without instrumental help and the placenta expelled. I am, Sirs, yours truly, HEINRICH OPPENHEIMER. Crossfield-road, Belsize-park, N.W.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(01)91890-2 fatcat:nwe4p6cno5byvofjxzdoxci3wa