Cadmium-Binding Components in a Supernatant from Ultracentrifugation of Soy-milk Prepared from Soybeans and Cadmium-Containing Water

1991 Shokuhin Eiseigaku Zasshi  
Soy-milk was prepared from 100 g of soybeans by boiling, filtration and further heating, after the beans had been soaked overnight in 900 ml of distilled water containing 2.03g of cadmium chloride. The supernatant was separated from the lipid layer and residues by ultracentrifugation. Most of the cadmium added was found in the okara fraction (residues from the filtration step), and several percent of the added cadmium bound to some components in the soy-milk. Separation of the supernatant by
more » ... filtration on Sephadex G-50 revealed that ligand-binding cadmium was localized in two molecular weight fractions (about 10,000 and about 1,000). Approximately 80% of the ligand-binding cadmium in the supernatant was found in the low-molecular-weight fraction. After in vitro peptic/pancreatic digestion, a decrease in the amount of the high-molecular-weight ligand-binding cadmium was observed, with an increase in the amount of the low-molecular-weight ligand-binding cadmium.
doi:10.3358/shokueishi.32.564 fatcat:kxql4jjjlbg2tj252zz4fs5num