Causes Of Chronic Non-Infectious Diarrhoea In Infants Less Than 6 Months Of Age: Rarely Recognized Entities

Iqra Mushtaq, Huma Ashraf Cheema, Hassan Suleman Malik, Nadia Waheed, Muhammad Almas Hashmi, Hassan Suleman Malik
Journal of Ayub Medical College  
Non-infectious causes of chronic diarrhoea are important and easily missed. The study was done with the objectives to identify different causes of chronic non-infectious diarrhoea in infants less than 6 months of age. All patients less than 6 months of age presenting for the first time to a Paediatric Gastroenterology tertiary care centre with a history of chronic diarrhoea and negative stool cultures were enrolled over a period of 8 months. Demographical profile and various factors under
more » ... ation were recorded in this observational study. Collected data was analysed using SPSS version 20. Chi square test was applied as a test of significance for any qualitative variable, p value (p<0.05) was taken as significant. Among 72 enrolled patients, female to male ratio was1.05:1. Age at onset of symptoms was between 15 days to 6 months. Aetiology found was Cow's milk protein allergy (CMPA) in 58 (80.6%), Primary intestinal lymphangiectasia (PIL) 6 (8.3%), Cystic fibrosis (CF) 3 (4.2%), Immunodeficiency (SCID) 2 (2.8%), 1 (1.4%) for each Abetalipoproteinemia (ABL), Glucose galactose malabsorption (GGM) and Congenital chloride diarrhoea (CCD). Among noninfectious causes of chronic diarrhoea in early infancy, cow's milk protein allergy is most common followed by Primary intestinal lymphangiectasia and Cystic fibrosis.
pmid:28712180 fatcat:7x2vah2z5rabrgehjbyw7wwfsm