An innovative model of a non-relativist universe

Olga Baryshnikova, Catherine Sapelnik, Lyudmila Fedoseeva, V. Breskich
2020 E3S Web of Conferences  
The paper investigates a model of the local Universe based on the concepts of nonrelativistic physics. The space-time boundaries of its applicability are estimated. The finiteness of the Universe in space and time arising from the analysis of the field of forces and energy fields of the Universe is affirmed. The necessity of the existence of "dark matter" in the proposed model is shown. On the basis of the presented model (using the modern values of the Hubble parameter and the density of the
more » ... he density of the substance of the Universe), the following are estimated: the age of the Universe; the mass of its substance; period of her life cycle; acceleration of the movement of matter, etc. The dependences of the density of matter (and its minimum value), the radius of the Universe (and its maximum value), and the Hubble parameter on time are obtained. The position of the Milky Way galaxy in the Universe has also been estimated. It is shown that the law of conservation of energy in its classical formulation is not applicable to the Universe as a whole. It is argued that after a while the laws of classical physics will be applicable to the entire Universe as a whole.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202021711002 fatcat:zopnp7hjlbey5hgf36dqtsfp64