Khovano Homology and Embedded Graphs [article]

Ahmad Zainy Al-Yasry
2009 arXiv   pre-print
We construct a cobordism group for embedded graphs in two different ways, first by using sequences of two basic operations, called "fusion" and "fission", which in terms of cobordisms correspond to the basic cobordisms obtained by attaching or removing a 1-handle, and the other one by using the concept of a 2-complex surface with boundary is the union of these knots. A discussion given to the question of extending Khovanov homology from links to embedded graphs, by using the Kauffman
more » ... invariant of embedded graphs by associating family of links and knots to a such graph by using some local replacements at each vertex in the graph. This new concept of Khovanov homology of an embedded graph constructed to be the sum of the Khovanov homologies of all the links and knots.
arXiv:0911.2608v1 fatcat:3trdyirev5anpe6drrup53ki3e