Bipolar high-field excitations inCo∕Cu∕Conanopillars

B. Özyilmaz, A. D. Kent, M. J. Rooks, J. Z. Sun
2005 Physical Review B  
Current-induced magnetic excitations in Co/Cu/Co bilayer nanopillars (∼50 nm in diameter) have been studied experimentally at low temperatures for large applied fields perpendicular to the layers. At sufficiently high current densities excitations, which lead to a decrease in differential resistance, are observed for both current polarities. Such bipolar excitations are not expected in a single domain model of spin-transfer. We propose that at high current densities strong asymmetries in the
more » ... gitudinal spin accumulation cause spin-wave instabilities transverse to the current direction in bilayer samples, similar to those we have reported for single magnetic layer junctions.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.71.140403 fatcat:l6acsfp3zfbt3h3cnbdles5pbe