The effectiveness of spheroidization pearlitic steel with regard to the degree of plastic deformation

Dominika Grygier, Włodzimierz Dudziński, Gregory Gerstein, Florian Nürnberger
Pearlitic steels containing from some 0,8 to 0,95% C belong to the group of unalloyed steels of the quality class destined for cold drawing or rolling, they find application mainly as wires used for reinforcement of tires, hoses or rope production. However this group of steels characterized low machinability, as a consequence of presence hard plates of cementite, the intervention ameliorative this property is spheroidizing annealing. The object of the tests presented in paper was wires of
more » ... tic steel obtained after the successive stages of cold plastic working. The aim of the tests was to show that the condition of the material and mainly degree of plastic deformation have a clearly influence on the effectiveness of pearlitic steel spheroidization.