Intermittent chaos for ergodic light trapping in a photonic fiber plate

Marina Mariano, Gregory Kozyreff, Luis G Gerling, Pablo Romero-Gomez, Joaquim Puigdollers, Jorge Bravo-Abad, Jordi Martorell
2016 Light: Science & Applications  
Extracting the light trapped in a waveguide, or the opposite effect of trapping light in a thin region and guiding it perpendicular to its incident propagation direction, is essential for optimal energetic performance in illumination, display or light harvesting devices. Here we demonstrate that the paradoxical goal of letting as much light in or out while maintaining the wave effectively trapped can be achieved with a periodic array of interpenetrated fibers forming a photonic fiber plate.
more » ... ic fiber plate. Photons entering perpendicular to that plate may be trapped in an intermittent chaotic trajectory, leading to an optically ergodic system. We fabricated such a photonic fiber plate and showed that for a solar cell incorporated on one of the plate surfaces, light absorption is greatly enhanced. Confirming this, we found the unexpected result that a more chaotic photon trajectory reduces the production of photon scattering entropy.
doi:10.1038/lsa.2016.216 pmid:30167138 fatcat:tdcd5e3tkzgjnjl5qxj6t7xpxm