High Accurate Prediction Equation for Thickness Profilewith Transcription Ratio and Inheritance Ratio

2010 Journal of the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity  
Sectional thickness profile control is one of the important size control demands for highly accurate flat products. Profile prediction is necessary for setting up profile control devices in flat rolling mills. The profile prediction of flat products is performed by analyses using complicated models and FEM models. These analyses need a long elapse time even with the fastest computers, and are difficult to apply in actual mill operations. To solve such problems, an equation involving the
more » ... ption ratio of the roll profile and the inheritance ratio of the inlet profile is used. To obtain a highly accurate prediction, consistent ratios and other factors are needed for the equation. There are only a few studies of this equation in which such ratios are numerically discussed, especially with regard to prediction accuracy. In this paper, the accuracy of the profile prediction equation is discussed using a simple quasi-three dimensional rolling model that we developed. It is clear that the mechanical crown of the profile prediction equation must be defined anew, and that a combination of a quadratic curve and a high-order power curve is necessary for such an equation.
doi:10.9773/sosei.51.1088 fatcat:nuwojlpr25fxhlwdclaxqdtnke