Cryptography Algorithms for Application Specific Processors

Ashlesha Karandikar, A Snehal, Bhosale
2015 unpublished
Cryptography is the science and practice of techniques to protect and secure the information. There are various cryptographic algorithms and techniques which are in use over past many years. These algorithms and security requirements nowadays are becoming more and more complex and challenging with the development of computing resources and information technology. This paper discusses various cryptography algorithms for implementing with Application Specific Processors. The latest complex
more » ... test complex algorithms like Elliptical curve cryptography, identity based cryptography, quantum cryptography, and visual cryptography can benefit from the specialized processor architecture for efficient encryption and decryption of data. Modern cryptography combines and incorporates the disciplines of mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering. Applications of processor based cryptography include secured communication, networking, ATM cards, computer passwords, and electronic commerce.