Nuove forme di resistenza attraverso il Murales: il caso di una periferia romana=New forms of resistance through Murals: The case of a Roman periphery [dataset]

Martina Tissino Di Giulio
New forms of resistance through Murals: The case of a Roman periphery. Research deepens the relationship between street art, as rooted urban practice, and the transformation of the places. In the last few years, innovative and absolutely local practices feature Trullo, an urban area South of Rome; this place seems to offer a good example of urban redevelopment through this particular artistic form. Street art is increasingly involved in the aesthetics of new cities; linked to the social and
more » ... tity dimension, this is widely supported by public authorities and institutional interests, thanks to numerous works that "privatize" and color the city. In most cases these are selected si-tes, such as to favor the tourist interests, well inserted in city dynamics. In a context of urban re-development and economic investments, one can find a specific site where art works as engine of change: since 2013 to the Trullo (Portuense suburb) a group of "artists" is active, "Pittori ano-nimi del Trullo", born among the local themselves. Art becomes a form of socialization, it will im-prove their living spaces; a very local manifestation bearer of novelty and innovative forms of re-presentation
doi:10.1285/i22840753n9p229 fatcat:i3zd7buds5dwtpd5bv54kzljn4