Shot Boundary Detection for a Video under the Influence of Illumination: A Adaptive Thresholding Approach

Parul S.AroraBhalotra, Nilam N. Ghuge, B. D. Shinde
2012 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Video Shot boundary detection is the process of automatically detecting the boundaries between shots in video. Shot Boundary detection is an important fundamental process in video data access, indexing, search and retrieval. The increased availability and usage of on-line digital video has created a need for automated video content analysis techniques. Detection of gradual transition and elimination of disturbances caused by illumination change is a major challenge in shot boundary detection
more » ... hnique. These disturbances are often mistaken as shot boundaries. It is a crucial task to develop a method that is not only insensitive to illumination change but also sensitive to detect shot change. An algorithm is proposed for shot boundary detection in presence of illumination change. This is very important for accurate detection of shot boundaries and very useful in content based analysis of video. First the algorithm removes illumination change using discrete cosine transform and discrete wavelet transform. Then shot boundaries are detected using normal difference & wavelet difference. A shot boundary is detected when the feature difference shows sharp change greater than threshold. Experimental study is performed on number of videos that include significant illumination change. The performance of proposed algorithm is better as compared to existing techniques General Terms Video shot boundary detection, Image processing, Pattern recognition.
doi:10.5120/8934-3059 fatcat:y26yigxzdzh5bdofxk2myqthza