Partial diallel analysis among maize lines for characteristics related to the tassel and the productivity

Nardino Maicon, Queir oacute z de Souza Velci, Baretta Diego, Antonio Konflanz Valmor, Nicolau Follmann Diego, Ricardo Carvalho Ivan, Ferrari Mauricio, Otomar Caron Braulio, Schmidt Denise
2016 African Journal of Agricultural Research  
Diallel crosses are important to the prediction of the best combinations among different heterotic groups of maize lines. The work objective was to estimate the combining ability among inbred lines from two heterotic groups to predict the best combinations in traits related to tassel and grain yield, conducted in five environments in the southern region. The inbred lines of the two heterotic groups are from the company KSP seeds. The tests were conducted based on crosses with partial diallel,
more » ... ing 15 female parents and male parents 8, 2011/2012 agricultural harvest in five environments in randomized blocks design with three replications. The variables analyzed were tassel length (TL), distance from the last node to the first branch of the tassel (DLN), distance from the flag leaf to the first branch of the tassel (DFL), number of tassel branches (NB), mass thousand grains (MTG) and grains yield (GY). The data were submitted the individual and joint variance analysis, after were realized analyze partial diallel analysis. The additive effects were more important for group II, already to the group I the non-additive effects were more pronounced, for the traits tassel and of yield. The GCA (group I) of lines inbred 15; 4 and 3-4 (group II) are favorable for increasing the grains yield. The crosses promising tassel traits been : 1-3, 2-4, 3-3, 4-4, 7-3, 8
doi:10.5897/ajar2014.10314 fatcat:gg4vvu4prrf4xoiimktoxy42s4