Elastic Scattering in a Reactive Environment: NO onRu(0001)−(1×1)H

D. A. Butler, B. Berenbak, S. Stolte, A. W. Kleyn
1997 Physical Review Letters  
Local variations in the reactivity of NO on the Ru͑0001͒-͑1 3 1͒H surface have been probed with a supersonic molecular beam. The presence of adsorbed hydrogen atoms creates an elastic scattering channel in the specular direction, concomitant with a suppression of the initial sticking probability. Argon is scattered in a qualitatively similar, but instrumentally limited, specular peak from the same surface. The well characterized position of the hydrogen atoms allows the scattering to be related
more » ... ering to be related to collisions at the threefold hollow sites within the surface unit cell. [S0031-9007 (97) 03398-X] PACS numbers: 82.65.My, 34.50.Lf
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.78.4653 fatcat:l3p26wgaaze35nvjzpbxvcl6cm