Sensory Characteristic and Drivers of Liking for Functional Beverages
시판용 기능성 음료의 관능적 특성과 소비자 기호 유도 인자

Ji-Hyeon Lee, Jeong-Eun Yang, Lana Chung
2012 Korean Journal of Food and Cookery Science  
This study was conducted to understand sensory characteristics of commercial functional beverages, to analyze and the drivers of liking and disliking of it by Korean consumers. Descriptive analysis and consumer taste testing were conducted with ten commercial products of functional beverages. Samples were consisted of good for beauty, relieving hangovers, and health tonics. For the descriptive analysis, 45 attributes were developed by ten panelists and it shows differences among the all
more » ... ong the all samples. For the consumer testing, 81 panels evaluated the overall liking, acceptance of appearance, odor, flavor, and texture of 10 samples. As a result, attributes of brightness, yellow color, Nurungji flavor, roasted bean power flavor, and milky texture of functional beverages were positive drivers of liking, but attributes of astringent texture, bitter taste, and viscosity were negative drivers of liking on the commercial functional beverages.
doi:10.9724/kfcs.2012.28.6.741 fatcat:gwifr42eyvan3puhk2ew2kruau