America's Global Strategy and the Development of the Productivity Movement in Germany after WWII

山崎 敏夫
This paper discusses America's global strategy to build the capitalistic world post WWII and the development of the US-led productivity movement in Germany. Regarding Ameri-ca's global strategy, we consider the Marshall Plan and Germany's position in it and elucidate the historical characteristics of the Plan compared with those of Dawes Plan in 1920s. In addition, we examine the restructuring of the US-led global capitalistic economic system in relation to the Bretton Woods System and the
more » ... work for the free trade system. Also, we analyze Germany's position in the US-led capitalist system. Regarding the productivity movement, we discuss its international expansion under the US Technical Assistance Program, institutional efforts within the movement, Germany's response to the expansion of the US-led productivity movement, and its historical characteristics and significance.
doi:10.34382/00001820 fatcat:zi4tojd4tffq5mbedmw2vfth2q