Time-domain envelope measurements for characterization and behavioral modeling of nonlinear devices with memory

F. Macraigne, T. Reveyrand, G. Neveux, D. Barataud, J.-M. Nebus, A. Soury, E. NGoya
2006 IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques  
This paper presents a calibrated four-channel measurement system for the characterization of nonlinear RF devices such as power amplifiers. The main goal of this study is to perform the characterization of the bandpass response of a nonlinear device-under-test (DUT) driven by modulated carriers. The proposed setup enables the generation of -o r -band (1-4 GHz) carriers with a modulation bandwidth up to 100 MHz. The carrier harmonics generated by the nonlinear DUT are ignored and considered to
more » ... sufficiently filtered. This characterization setup enables calibrated time-domain measurements of the complex envelopes of both incoming and outgoing RF waves at the input and output of the DUT. This means that the fundamental and harmonic frequencies of the envelope are measured and processed. A large set of modulation formats can be generated by using a computer-controlled arbitrary waveform generator. Complex envelopes are measured by using a four-channel sampling scope. The proposed calibrated setup can be used to study or to validate linearization techniques of power amplifiers. This characterization tool is also well suited for the extraction and validation of behavioral bilateral models of nonlinear RF analog equipment exhibiting memory effects.
doi:10.1109/tmtt.2006.879169 fatcat:fjcedquixvds5hytudfo7uayvq