A Critical Study of the Ode, Lamyat-ol-Arab and its Title

Sayyed Mohammad, Mousavi Bafrooei
Lamyat-ol-Arab is a Poem which has been widely acclaimed and considered superior to other odes by many scholars and literary figures due to its high quality. But, in spite of this acclaim, it seems that this should not be case and if the work is investigated deeply and accurately, many cases of exaggeration will be revealed. This article aims to modify these exaggerations and fill up the gaps by comparing this ode with other important odes such as the odes by Amr-ol-Ghays and Nabeghah Zobyani,
more » ... riticizing and analyzing both their form and their content. One conclusion is that the name of the ode under investigation is not given to it because of its superiority but mainly because of prejudices of Arabs against Shoubiah movement. So, this ode can be just one of the pagan odes, not the best ode.