Application of microfluidic systems for neural differentiation of cells

Zahra Hesari, Fatemeh Mottaghitalab, Akram Shafiee, Masoud Soleymani, Rasoul Dinarvand, Fatemeh Atyabi
2019 Precision Nanomedicine  
Neural differentiation of stem cells is an important issue in development of central nervous system. Different methods such as chemical stimulation with small molecules, scaffolds, and microRNA can be used for inducing the differentiation of neural stem cells. However, microfluidic systems with the potential to induce neuronal differentiation have established their reputation in the field of regenerative medicine. Organization of microfluidic system represents a novel model that mimic the
more » ... logic microenvironment of cells among other two and three dimensional cell culture systems. Microfluidic system has patterned and well-organized structure that can be combined with other differentiation techniques to provide optimal conditions for neuronal differentiation of stem cells. In this review, different methods for effective differentiation of stem cells to neuronal cells are summarized. The efficacy of microfluidic systems in promoting neuronal differentiation is also addressed.
doi:10.33218/prnano2(4).181127.2 fatcat:zun2vu4zrvf53lbewr4ykozwgi