Parametric Study of RC Framed Building with and without Provision of Shear Wall

Rajat Patel, Rinkesh Panchani, Dhaval Bathani, Hardik Pansuriya, U Students
In present day constructions, many high rise apartment buildings are constructed in which frame is the most common structural form. Generally, in multi storey buildings only frames are not sufficient to take horizontal force, which is produced by earthquake or wind, as stiffness or ductility of the frame is less. To enhance the stability of building against lateral loads there are different kinds of techniques are used such as base isolation method, bracings, providing shear wall etc., in which
more » ... we have adopted provision of shear wall in building design. Analysis of shear wall thus becomes necessary for stiffness and stability purpose that can be much utilized for safety in building. In this project, the parametric study of RC framed structure with and without provision of shear wall is to be carried out and parameters like shear force, bending moment, storey drift etc. will be checked by using software like ETABS.