Algebraic Topological Analysis of Time-Sequence of Digital Images [chapter]

Rocio Gonzalez–Diaz, Belen Medrano, Pedro Real, Javier Sánchez–Peláez
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This paper introduces an algebraic framework for a topological analysis of time-varying 2D digital binary-valued images, each of them defined as 2D arrays of pixels. Our answer is based on an algebraictopological coding, called AT-model, for a nD (n = 2, 3) digital binaryvalued image I consisting simply in taking I together with an algebraic object depending on it. Considering AT-models for all the 2D digital images in a time sequence, it is possible to get an AT-model for the 3D digital image
more » ... onsisting in concatenating the successive 2D digital images in the sequence. If the frames are represented in a quadtree format, a similar positive result can be derived.
doi:10.1007/11555964_18 fatcat:yl4cteadzjfdlph4tzfe6m2wza