Dynamic Service Discovery, Composition and Reconfiguration in a Model Mapping Business Process to Web Services

Zulqarnain Abdul Jabbar, Asia Samreen
2016 Journal of Computer and Communications  
In any organization where SOA has been implemented, all of the web services are registered in UDDI and users' needs are served by using appropriate web services. So in this paper, we will try to discover a service from repository first that can provide the required output to the user. The process becomes difficult when a single service is not able to fulfill a user's need and we need a combination of services to answer complex needs of users. In our paper, we will suggest a simpler approach for
more » ... dynamic service composition using a graph based methodology. This will be a design time service composition. This approach uses the functional and non-functional parameters of the services to select the most suitable services for composition as per user's need. This approach involves "service classification" on the basis of functional parameters, "service discovery" on the basis of user's need and then "service composition" using the selected services on the basis of nonfunctional parameters like response time, cost, security and availability. Another challenge in SOA implementation is that, once the composition has performed, some services may become faulty at runtime and may stop the entire process of serving a user's need. So, we will also describe a way of "dynamic service reconfiguration" in our approach that will enable us to identify and replace a faulty service that is violating the SLA or is not accessible anymore. This service reconfiguration is done without redoing or reconfiguring the entire composition. In the end, to simulate the proposed approach, we will represent a prototype application built on php 5.4 using My SQL database at backend.
doi:10.4236/jcc.2016.49004 fatcat:qdy2wcu7xnhdxpbowqtcakifry