ABAH BIOFLUX The study of intensive fattening of youth sheep from different breeds in Romania

Animal Biology, Animal Husbandry, Cristian Coroian, Stelian Dărăban, Augustin Pop, Cornel Cătoi, Antonia Odagiu, Aurelia Pece
2009 unpublished
Young rams of Merino of Cluj (M), Tsigai and Turcana breed (n=15) were submitted to an 100 days intensive fattening, in order to obtain superior quality carcasses. The fattening unrolled during two consecutive years, and included three successive phases: accommodation (15 days)-16% CP, growing-fattening (65 days)-15% CP, respectively finishing (20 days)-13% CP. At the end of fattening period, the appreciation of carcasses and meat quality has been done (n=5), using subjective and objective
more » ... ds: the carcass estimation using EUROP system, the analysis of slaughter yield, muscular fiber diameter and chemical composition of meat. The Merino of Cluj breed presented superior fattening qualities and a higher score to subjective and objective appreciation.