Patriot: Physics Archives and Tools required to Investigate Our Theories [article]

S Mrenna
The PATRIOT project aims to provide the best theoretical predictions of physics events for the high-p T physics program of Run2 at Fermilab by combining several tools: (1) a new generation of Monte Carlo programs to calculate the hard structure of high-p T events and event generators to make particle level predictions, (2) sophisticated queuing systems with job interdependencies for computations on farms, (3) an enstore or mass storage repository for datasets of events, and (4) the StdHep and
more » ... 4) the StdHep and MCFIO packages to define a common file format. These common files are processed through the detector and triggering simulations of the experimental collaborations CDF and DØ, and are being integrated into the common data handling system SAM.
doi:10.5170/cern-2005-002.783 fatcat:25hngijz4nbunhzy5l7ebhtu6q