When Mobilenetv2 Meets Transformer: A Balanced Sheep Face Recognition Model

Xiaopeng Li, Jinzhi Du, Jialin Yang, Shuqin Li
2022 Agriculture  
Sheep face recognition models deployed on edge devices require a good trade-off between model size and accuracy, but the existing recognition models cannot do so. To solve the above problems, this paper combines Mobilenetv2 with Vision Transformer to propose a balanced sheep face recognition model called MobileViTFace. MobileViTFace enhances the model's ability to extract fine-grained features and suppress the interference of background information through Transformer to distinguish different
more » ... eep faces more effectively. Thus, it can distinguish different sheep faces more effectively. The recognition accuracy of 96.94% is obtained on a self-built dataset containing 5490 sheep face photos of 105 sheep, which is a 9.79% improvement compared with MobilenetV2, with only a small increase in Params (the number of parameters) and FLOPs (floating-point operations). Compared to models such as Swin-small, which currently performs SOTA, Params and FLOPs are reduced by nearly ten times, whereas recognition accuracy is only 0.64% lower. Deploying MobileViTFace on the Jetson Nano-based edge computing platform, real-time and accurate recognition results are obtained, which has implications for practical production.
doi:10.3390/agriculture12081126 fatcat:6yjxnn47hjat7ox2ljtnohkhhy