"Heldin des anderen Amerikas". Die DDR-Solidaritätsbewegung für Angela Davis, 1970–1973

Sophie Lorenz
Angela Davis was one of the leading intellectual figures in the African American movement for freedom and equality in the United States. When Davis was imprisoned between 1970 and 1972, the GDR organized a broad solidarity campaign for her, which was initiated by the SED regime and mobilized by its mass organizations. This campaign illustrates an important transnational dimension in the history of the GDR, in which Davis was appropriated as 'our comrade'. The paper shows the significance the
more » ... significance the campaign attained in the context of East German efforts for international recognition as well as internal legitimacy. After her acquittal, Davis visited the GDR in 1972 and 1973 and was staged as a socialist heroine. However, this should not only be understood as an expression of propagandistic efforts, but also as part of a genuine Cold War everyday culture in the GDR.
doi:10.14765/zzf.dok-1561 fatcat:hau37civlndgncancpjtn7idyu