XVIII. Second Part of the Descriptive Catalogue of a Zoological Collection made in the Island of Sumatra and its vicinity

Thomas Stamford Raffles
1822 Transactions of the Linnean Society of London  
of a Xoologi'cal Collection made in Simatra. Part 11. 279 yellow. The colour on the back and wings is fdvous brown, the edges of the feathers being lighter coloured, and the wing-feathers having darker transverse bands. The lower parts are white, with a lanceolate brown spot in the middle of each feather ; on the abdomen and thighs these become transverse stripes. The bill is straight at the base, curved at the point, and the upper mandible has an obtuse dent in the middle. The feathers on the
more » ... he feathers on the head rise into a kind of crest behind, and are lighter coloured than those of the body. The cheeks are whitish, with brown spots. The rectrices are brown, with several dark transverse bands. The wings are shorter than the tail, and their fourth feather is the longest. Sir T. S. R A F P I~E S ' S Descriptive Catalogtie mixed with white, particularly on the inner side, and at the points. The horns are not very remarkable. The eyes are surrounded with a well-marked circle of white, stiff, bristly feathers ; the eyelids are fringed with black ones. The ears are oval and small. The bill is yellow, curved, and surrounded at the base by bristles, which are directed forwards, and are as long as the bill; those 011 the upper mandible black, on the lower white. The legs are feathered to the toes. Tail rather short, with white bands and tips. Wings equal in length to the tail. This species agrees generally in character with the Strix Bubo, but has the colour of S. nyctea. SRIX L E M P I J I~. The second species resembles the S . Scops of Europe, being of the same size, but differs in some degree in its colours, which are a mixture of brown and buff; darker on the back and lighter on the breast, which is moreover marked with narrow arrowshaped spots of black.
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