BCI Volume 9 issue 1 Cover and Back matter

1999 Bird conservation international  
Papers should be concise and factual, taking proper account of previous relevant literature; opinions expressed should be based on adequate evidence. Whilst there is no formal restriction on length, authors planning to submit a paper which is likely to exceed 15 printed pages should discuss the work with the Editor at an early stage in its preparation. Titles of papers must be accurate and concise, and (for the benefit of abstraction services) include any relevant scientific (taxonomic) name; a
more » ... (taxonomic) name; a running head is needed (the editors will provide this if the authors do not). A fulllength paper must include a proper summary. Papers should be typewritten on one side of the paper only, using double spacing throughout, with positions of figures and tables indicated in the margin. The paper should also be provided on disk, preferably in Word for Windows 6, giving details of the word processing software used (Microsoft Word, Word or WordPerfect). However, the publisher reserves the right to typeset material by conventional means if an author's disk proves unsatisfactory. Conventions. Whenever possible, authors should consult an issue of BCl for style and layout. Spelling generally follows The shorter Oxford English dictionary, supplemented by various standard references such as 'Topography' in A dictionary of birds (1985) and the most recent edition of The Times atlas of the world. Localities with well-known other spellings or older names should have these placed in parentheses after first mention, while localities too small to be in the Times atlas should be given their precise geographical coordinates (preferably with some evidence of source).
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