Dissolving Microneedle Arrays for Intradermal Immunization of Hepatitis B Virus DNA Vaccine

Yuqin qiu, Lei Guo, Panyong Mao, Yunhua Gao
2015 Procedia in Vaccinology  
DNA vaccines are simple to produce and can generate strong cellular and humoral immune response, making them attractive vaccine candidates. However, a major shortcoming of DNA vaccines is their poor immunogenicity when administered intramuscularly. Transcutaneous immunization (TCI) via microneedles is a promising alternative delivery route to enhance the vaccination efficacy. A novel dissolving microneedle array (DMA)-based TCI system loaded with cationic liposomes encapsulated with hepatitis B
more » ... DNA vaccine and adjuvant CpG ODN was developed and characterized. The pGFP expression in mouse skin using DMA was imaged over time. In vivo immunity tests in mice were performed to observe the capability of DMA to induce immune response after delivery of DNA. The results showed that pGFP could be delivered into skin by DMA and expressed in skin. Further, the amount of expressed GFP was likely to peak at day 4. The immunity tests showed that the DMA-based DNA vaccination could induce effective immune response. CpG ODN significantly improved the immune response. The cationic liposomes could further improve the immunogenicity of DNA vaccine. In conclusion, the novel DMA-based TCI system can effectively deliver hepatitis B DNA vaccine into skin, and induce effective immune response.
doi:10.1016/j.provac.2015.05.004 fatcat:takrhwrq5zcidczrgipzpbvvpq