Designing residential and commercial complex based on Article 19 of the National Building Regulations with the approach of sustainable architecture (studied region: Shirvan)

Mohammad Rahnama, Zahra Gholizadeh
2016 unpublished
Sustainable architecture is a method of designing which reduces the use of nonrenewable resources and optimizes the use of renewable sources and suggests that what we need for survival, can be obtained from the environment and it defines the view about the world by clever and compassionate use of resources and considering the quality of life of future generations. In the leading world it can be said that energy, in fuel sense, means power and stability, and architecture is one of the effective
more » ... e of the effective areas in this important section, and stability and security and health of a society depend on that. Understanding the capabilities of energy and saving in energy use in construction has a huge role in urban management. Residential and commercial complex designing with a view to practical and urban climate solutions, not only is not a matter of ornamentation, but also it is a way to respond to our search for providing better safety, comfort, and environment. In this study, by investigating and analyzing the climatic elements in sustainable architecture in order for amending the energy consumption pattern in buildings, we