Floating Glacier Tongue from Mount Erebus

Bernard M. Gunn
1963 Journal of Glaciology  
T h e p ho tograph 111 F ig ure I is of th e fl oatin g glac ier to ng ue w hi ch ex tends out into I'vl cMurdo Soun d from t he slo pes of Moun t E rebus on Ross I slan d . T he latera l spurs a nd re-en tr a n ts a re wen shown . I assume th a t these spurs a re formed wh en a g lacier or ice stream in whi ch th e ice is fl owin g m ore rap id ly a t th e cen tre th a n at th e sid es enters the sea, where, fr eed from res tra ini ng contact with the bo tto m, it m oves a t a unifo rm ra te.
more » ... ig. l. The floating gLacier tongue which extends into !l1ci\lfurdo SOllnd from the sLopes oJ Mount Ereblls. Ross IsLand ( background ) Perh aps o ne of yo ur m a th em a ti call y inclined rea d ers wou ld be in terested to derive a str ess analysis for this inter esting phenom eno n.
doi:10.1017/s0022143000028483 fatcat:oxv6gjnxffcnlejutcip5bon5a